Ray Gard

Ray Gard began blacksmithing in 1989 when built himself a gas forge and
started learning. At that time the only information available to him was
from retired blacksmiths and books such as The Edge of the Anvil by Jack
Andrews and Professional Smithing by Donald Streeter, both of which he
devoured from cover to cover.

In the early 1990s Ray joined the Victorian Blacksmiths Association (known
now as the Australian Blacksmiths Association) and was a founding member
of the Mont De Lancey Blacksmithing Group. He is also a member of The
Artist Blacksmiths Association of NSW and the Artist Blacksmith's Association
of North America.

Ray now owns and runs Raven Forge. As well as creating pieces for sale,
he spends his time demonstrating at exhibitions and running classes from
his home workshop.

He has a firm commitment to preserving the craft of the blacksmith by
passing on the techniques of this ancient trade.

A small selection of Ray's work can be seen below, and click here to visit
Raven Forge.


Ray Gard